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Advancing towards improved clinical management of endocrine tumors
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James Koh, PhD

Director, Endocrine Neoplasia Research Lab 
Associate Professor of Surgery    
Division of Surgical Oncology

The Endocrine Neoplasia Research Lab focuses on investigating the genetic and cellular composition, biochemical abnormalities, and molecular etiology of endocrine tumors. Understanding the origins, development, and physiological abnormalities caused by endocrine neoplastic diseases will lead to better methods for early detection, more effective targeted therapies, and improved clinical management for patients with these disorders. 

The Endocrine Neoplasia Lab is actively engaged in a wide array of patient-based research projects in collaboration with the section of endocrine surgery and other clinical colleagues. 

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Selected Research Projects
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The Endocrine Neoplasia Research Laboratory employs multiple novel approaches for investigating human tumor biology. Methods currently in use include live tissue ex vivo interrogative assays, live and fixed cell epifluorescence microscopy with confocal and intact tissue imaging, single-cell and bulk tissue transcriptional and genomic profiling, single cell spatial profiling, and other cutting edge molecular and biochemical tools.

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Our mission is to develop the next generation of leaders in academic surgery.
Julie Ann Sosa, M.D., FACS, Leon Goldman, MD Distinguished Professor of Surgery and Chair, Department of Surgery
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